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Abdulkadir J.O


  1. J.O.Abdulkadir, S. O. E.Sadiku and A.M. Orire(2011) 21-22.Comparative study of commercial feeds and farm made Aqua feed  on the growth of Clarias gariepinus fingerlings . Journal of agricultural research and development (JARD) Vol. 10 (2) 2011.
  2. J.O.Abdulkadir,S.O.E.Sadiku,and L.O.Tiamiyu (2016) 110-125. Environmental Impact Assessment of fish farm Hatcheries management in Lower Niger Basin Area of Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Research and Development (JARD) Vol.15 (2) 2016
  3. Abdulkadir J.O., Akinwande A.A. and Adesina, B.T. (2016) 30-37. Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Respoonse in the giant African  Cat fish (Heterobranchus bidorsalis ) Geoffrey Saint- Hilaire ,(1809) under Chronic Paraquat Exposure .Nigerian Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture Vol 4 No 2.
  4. Abdulkadir  J. O. , Akinwande A.A. , Adeshina B.T. nd Adesina I.(2016) 11-16 Length weight relationships and condition factor of four  fish species in lake Tatabu , Niger State Lapai Journal of  science and Technology Vol 3,No 1

Publications in Proceedings

Assessment of farm Management Practices in Selected fish farms in Lower Niger Basin Area of Nigeria published and presented at National Conference of Fisheries society of Nigeria held at Asaba, November 22nd -27th , 2015.