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Ibrahim H.K.


Journal (in print)

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  2. Ayinde Opeyemi Eyitayo, Ibrahim Hussain Kobe, Salami Mercy Funke & Yusuf Kamil Oladapo (2017). The Determinants and Efficiency of Maize Marketing in Ilorin Metropolis. Ilorin Journal of Marketing 4(1); 1 -12. Published by Department of Marketing, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


Journal (in print)

  1. Adefalu L. L., Bakare K. A., Ibrahim H.K. and Babatunde A. (2014). The Assessment of Extension Activities of Local Government Agricultural workers in Kwara State, Nigeria. Contemporary Journal of Social Sciences. 5: 22-33. Published by Faculty of Social Science, Kogi State University, Ayingba, Nigeria.
  2. Sakariyahu, O.R., Ibrahim H.K. and Abdulmumin B.A., (2016). Impact of Microfinance Bank’s Credit Facilities on Agricultural Production Improvement among Small-Scale Farmers in Kwara State. Fountain University Journal of Management and Social Sciences. 5(1): 75-85. Published by Faculty of Management Sciences, Fountain University, Oshogbo, Nigeria. Available online at
  3. Ojediran E.O., Ibrahim H.K., Adeloye A.A., Ojediran D.I., (2016). Effect of Rainfall on Agricultural Export Instability: A case of Cotton Trend in Nigeria. Journal of Meteorological and Climate Science, 14(1):31-37. Published by Nigerian Meteorological Society NiMetS.
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  5. Ajibade T.B., Fadipe A.E.A., Ibrahim H.K., Ajibade E.T., Ambali O.Y., (2017). Assessment of Consumers' Awareness and Willingness to Pay for Organically Produced Fruits in Kwara State, Nigeria. Journal of Organic Agriculture and Environment 5(2): 67-77. Available online at:
  6. Muhammad-Lawal, A., Ibrahim, H.K., Oloyede, W.O., Belewu, K.Y. and Adesina, T.A (2017). Assessment of Dietary Diversity and Food Calorie Consumption among Rural Households in Kwara State, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture 22 (1):134-141. Published by Federal University of Technology Akure, Akure, Nigeria
  7. Ajibade T.B., Falola A., Ibrahim H.K., Bankole F.A. and Ajibade E.T. (2017). Farmers’ Willingness to Incur Big Data Related Expenses: Opportunities for Mitigating Losses in Mango Value Chain in Benue State. FUW Journal of Agriculture & Life Science 2(1): 150 – 161. Published by Federal University Wukari, Nigeria.  
  8. Ojediran, E.O, Ibrahim, H.K, Adebisi, L.O, Belewu K.Y. and Owolawi S., (2017). Analysis of Profitability and Determinants of Plantain Production in Ife Agricultural Development Project (ADP) zone of Osun State, Nigeria. Fuoye Journal of Agriculture and Human Ecology 1(1): 77- 86. Published by Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria. Available online at:
  9. Ayinde O.E., Adejumo A.O., Oloyede A.O., Ibrahim H.K., and Ayinde A.F.O., (2017). Impact of Village Alive Development Initiative on Farming Households Productivity in Kwara State: A Comparative Analysis. Nigerian Journal of Agricultural Economics (NJAE). 7(1): 36-44. Available online at:

Edited proceeding

  1. Ibrahim H.K., Ojediran E.O., Adeloye A.A. and Ojediran D.I. (2016). Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Irish Potato Yield in Nigeria. Proceedings 2016 International Conference and 30th Annual General Meeting of Nigerian Meteorological Society (NMetS) held between 21st – 24th November, 2016, N.J Bello, A.A. Makinde & G.C. Ufeogbune (eds.) 97 – 102. Hosted and Published by Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Available online at


Journal (in print)

  1. Ibrahim H.K., Muhammad-Lawal A., Adesina A.F., Muhammed A.B. and Ibrahim A. (2016). Economic Sustainability of Sheabutter Production in Kwara State Nigeria. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management 9(2): 987 – 996. Published by Department of Geographyand Environmental Studies, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. Available online at
  2. Animashaun, J.O., Ibrahim, H.K., Omotesho, K.F., Aderinoye-Abdulwahab, S. (2016). Determinants of the neglected and underutilized species’ cultivation by small-scale farmers in Nigerian Guinea savannah. J. Agribus. Rural Dev., 4(42): 1–7. Published by University of Life Sciences, Poznan. Available online at:
  3. Ibrahim H.K., (2016) Economic Effect of Commercialization of Cereal Production in Kwara State, Nigeria. Niugini Agrisaiens, 8(1):7-17. Published by Department of Agriculture, The Papua New Guinea University of Technology. Available online at:
  4. Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde, Hussain Kobe Ibrahim, Mercy Funke Salami, Lanre Ebenezer Ajibola (2017). Effect of Vertical Integration on Multidimensional Wellbeing of Fish Farmers in Lagos State Fish-Hub, Nigeria. Agricultura Tropica et Tropica Journal, 50(2): 81-87. Published by Mendel University, Brno. Available online at:
  5. Ibrahim H.K., Ojediran E.O., Fakayode S.B., Ajibade T.B., Belewu K.Y., Daudu A.K. (2018). Economic of Agricultural Land Market in Rural Nigeria: Pattern and Drivers. Journal of Land and Rural Studies, 6(Issue 1):1-17. Published by Center for Rural Studies Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) Mussoorie, India. Available online at
  6. Adisa  R. S., Mustapha A. M., Balogun K. S., Ibrahim H. K., and Oloyede W. O. (2018). Analysis of Farm Management Extension Services Performed By Extension Agents of Agricultural Development Projects in Southwest Nigeria. International Journal of Agricultural Science, Research and Technology in Extension and Education Systems (IJASRT in EESs) 8(1):7 – 15. Available online on:


  1. Travel grant from OCP research LLC, New York to participate in the 22nd International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research ICABR conference, which organized by World Bank Group,  Washington DC, USA 2018
  2. Travel grant from the AAEA Trust, the AES of Japan, The ERS Global Club, IFPRI, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation, and the African Development Bank to participate in the 30th International Conference of Agricultural Economics ICAE, Vancouver, Canada 2018
  3. Travel Support from African Network for Economic of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building System to participate in the 3rd AfricaLics International Conference at University of Oran, Oran, Algeria 2017


  1. Development Economics
  2. Agricultural Production Economics and Issues of Food Security
  3. Nutrition Economics and Health Economics
  4. Social Protection, Migration and Remittances
  5. Impact Assessment
  6. Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems.