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Akanbi S.O.

List of Publications:

  1. Akanbi, S.O, (2015), Analysis of Technical and cost Efficiency of Cultured fish Production in Kwara State, Nigeria, Agrosearch, a Journal of Food, Agriculture and Development, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ilorin 15(2)
  2. Aun I.I. and Akanbi, S.O, (2015), Creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship, Chapter 12: Contemporary Entrepreneurship, published by Technical and Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Ilorin.
  3. Akanbi, S.O. and Muhammed-Lawal , A., Cultured Fish Farmers’ Perception of Government intervention and constraints in cultured fish production in Kwara State, Nigeria, 6(1 or 2):ppxxx-xxx, 2016 (letter of acceptance dated 18/04/2016
  4. Akanbi, O., and Musa J.J. (2016), Analysis of Cost and Returns to Cultured Fish Production in Kogi State of Nigeria. Journal of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Education, Federal University of Technology, Minna 12(1)108-115
  5. Akanbi, S.O and Akinyoade A., (2014), Contributions of Small and Large Scale farms, Foreign and local Investments to Agricultural growth: the Nigerian Example, Chapter 12: Africa Dynamics – Digging Deeper inside Africa’s Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Dynamics, Akinyoade A., Klaver, W, Soeters, and Foeken, D (Eds),(published by African Studies Centre, Leiden/Brill Publishers, Leiden, the Netherland.